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We've developed this site as we live and work in coastal gardens along the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall, England.

Although this site deals with coastal plants and  gardening in the UK, we've included pages that have information about gardening by the coast in the United States and also Australia. Most of the information on this site is suitable for anywhere in the world.

Many of the pages on this site have been updated - so please refresh your browser if you've visited the site before.

With definite changes taking place in our climate this is being reflected by plants taking hold and even thriving, where just a few years ago it would have been impossible. This is however tempered by the fact that storm damage has taken its toll on even the hardiest inhabitants - blackened leaves from wind and salt burn being a common sight after storms.

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 What can be grown in Coastal Gardens depends upon the amount of shelter that can be provided from the prevailing winds and the proximity to the sea. Wind and salt can make life very difficult for even the hardiest of plants, but pick out the right ones and provide them with the best start in life and you'll surprise yourself with the results!This is the view from the end of our garden - the sea is less than 100 feet away and strong nor'westerly winds roar in during the winter.

The number one requirement to establish any coastal garden, whether it be in the United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand or wherever, is shelter from the wind. There are various plants and shrubs that can help create a shelter belt, but initially even these will need some sort of netting or fencing that will filter the wind until such time as they are well established.

We've included lists of Coastal plants  and shrubs that are suitable for our particular environment - most will be suitable for wherever you might be, if you are also in a coastal setting; however, the old axiom of 'look at your neighbours garden' , and see what's growing there, is always a very good place to start.

 roses by the coast  There are some excellent books available on the subject - two of our favourites are Coastal Gardening and   Gardening on the Edge: Drawing on the Cornwall Experience - both are just a gem of a book....     so much information, and there are more books listed on the books page, where you will find books dealing with coastal areas here in the UK and around the globe, which will inspire and guide you to having the garden by the coast that you dream of.

 Our Resources Page  has tools and products which we use in our gardens around the coast.

The Gardeners Guild offers a site where you can search for a gardener online to help out with your Coastal Property in the United Kingdom.

In the  UK please contact  Coastal Gardeners  for assistance in design and maintenance of your coastal garden.

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