Resources for Coastal Gardening  

We like to share knowledge of some of the resources that we have found useful and worth the money while creating and working on Coastal Gardens.

 We have gardened on the coast for some years, in many varied gardens, conditions and landscapes and have learnt much about the endurance and worthiness of many products. Some have had a gloriously short life, performing well before succumbing to the rigours of our exposed conditions, while some just seem to go on and on, an excellent range is Sneeboer for quality hand-tools.

The mainstays of a good fork and spade, rakes and brooms and small hand tools are essential.Use of a Grubbing Mattock for removing stubborn roots, such as gorse and old hebes, can be very useful, and a decent set of secateurs and pruning saws such as Felco can make pruning jobs a breeze- they even have a set of secateurs for left-handed gardeners!

We have used a variety of powered machinery, both petrol and electric, as well as a worthy compliment of hand tools - all of which have received routine maintenance and been suitably housed, which is essential where the atmosphere is so salt laden....rusting can occur in no time at all.

A tough mower, preferably with an aluminium body to withstand the rust, mulching attachments can be a bonus for suitable sites, as can a good self-propulsion on the mower, take the sweat out of the slopes.


A good greenhouse is worth its weight in gold, especially in the exposed conditions along the coast - anchored well to withstand the winds, with some cold frames for those tender plants during the wintry gales.